Since 1977, M-R Builder, Inc. has been leading the building industry through its quality, innovation, and customer service, constructing exquisite homes time and again. With over 75 years combined experience, our team has remained strong through the ups and downs of the market, continuing to provide mid-Michigan a vision of what can happen when people get together with talented craftsmen to turn a dream into reality. We realize that beautiful homes require not only a good team of employees, but trusted bankers, architects, title companies, reliable subcontractors and suppliers. Despite our success in the luxury home market, we have no intention of limiting our company's focus; we will willingly accept any challenge to display our talents in anything from your first home to your dream home. With our full design department, constant site supervision, and thorough business management, we will exceed your expectations and provide you with a beautiful custom home. Whether building your first home or your dream home, contact M-R Builder, Inc., you won't be disappointed.

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